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Still think illegal aliens aren’t a drain on our country?  Still think they don’t impact your freedom and liberty?

Watch.  Watch till the end.  Listen to whom the IRS says they need authority from to do something about this problem.

But let’s not talk about the problems our country faces over the next 10 – 15 years.  Let’s blame the banks, the speculators, he millionaires and billionaires.  Let’s occupy Wall Street.

Let’s go break the windows down at Starbucks and Bank of America.  It’s their fault.

Instead, let’s discuss gay marriage and student loans.  Next week will tackle other big topics of national interest like how we treat our pet dogs.

Let’s debate anything other then the financial disaster that is awaiting our country.  Let’s ignore the topics of our national debt.  Let’s ignore the topics of our unfunded liabilities.  At least until after the election.

It’s all about bread…

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