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  1. jglord
    May 12, 2012 @ 05:03:05

    Perhaps the gay crusade should learn to read.I Referrer to Romans chapters one two and three ,as a start, now as to judging tsimple quick lesson;That is with-in the Christian community and those who claim Christ as their savior, now Jesus said those who are his those whom are called will keep his Fathers commands and decrees. so lets refer back to Duedumontery for that one again. and yes one finds same sex a sin called an abomation and a stench in the nostrils of G-d, what more should be said? what was eliminated with Christ was diet and additional laws of the Pharisee or legalisms and a pronouncement that the kingdom was here and one must repent and turn from their sin, sin is defined by G-d as anything counter to the original plan, since G-d created all thing in perfection with out blemish. so sin is defiance of G-ds paln for the orginal that being as Jesus stated one man one woman he stressed this is how G-d made thee….Do not agree then you call G-d a liar. then you call me evil. how you choose to live what ever life style go and do for if you can read even in this G-d says he will bless you, in Romans with a deciveing spirit to make you happy and conten in yor choice. Oh man ou need to learn to see and read, please excuse my misspellin I am but a simple ignorant un-skooled hilly billy ya know..


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