The Obama Hustle

The so-called First Lady of The United States of AmericaMichelle Obama has a few skeletons of her own that she needs to explain away.

Last spring as I was collecting the many addresses and social security numbers that Barack Obama has been using these several years, an interesting anomaly popped up, it was a discovery that Michelle Obama has herself been using several bogus social security numbers as well and some are attached to actual living persons.

A search from the state of TX for Michelle Obama yielded one hit for the SSN 435-87-XXXX and it clearly shows a link to Michelle Obama and five separate listings for the same SSN.  Also note the date of her connection to this number in 08/2008, the same year of the Presidential election.

Below is just one example of the many social security numbers that Michelle Obama has been connected with since 2008, the summer before Obama’s…

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The Obama Hustle

What or Who killed Andrew Breitbart? Now the Coroner is dead! What did he know?  by Fred Brownbill.

We hear today of yet another very strange death in the saga of the sudden death of Andrew Breitbart, a man I was shocked had a sudden major heart attack and died.  You all know he was an investigative jounalist with no fear and bought real news, truth  and breaking stories via his website, Breitbart News.

Many of these stories and breaking news articles did not show this regime of Barack Hussein Obama in very favorable light, nor many of the agencies that he supported like planned parenthood etc. He gained many enemies for these exposés, and though relatively young but fit, while out walking at night, suffered a sudden and major heart attack and died.  The coroner who did the autopsy,

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Add your thoughts here… (optional)When was the last Israel sent a civilian with a bomb strapped around his torso, to blow up innocent people in “Palestine.”? CAIR is a terrorist front group who sends money to those who would kill any Jew anywhere.

“How did we get here? A dysgenic Civil War that killed 620,000 Whites, the birth-control pill that prevented White conception, and the abortion that killed (tens of millions of) White babies in the womb. Our history is marked by our steadfast institutional insistence that America is “too White“. That insistence led directly to the news we received today with horror.” Salim Mansur

Here A Bum There A Bum

Bums; the term that describes a homeless person who is this way by choice. Yup, a lot of these folks roam the streets of my city; Modesto. See them all the time. Riding bikes at three a.m. with sacks of cans and plastic containers in tow. Often the have the Meth-Gyver trailer that is built from a baby stroller and cardboard. I swear if they could stay clean, they could figure a way to get to the moon with discarded materials that are found in a dumpster.

So I took all my aluminum to the local recycling spot, and low and behold, the 20 something toothless lady, who looks every day of 60, tooling up on her bike with tweak-boy close behind. Of course, being the human crap magnet that I am, it took of one minute till the old tweak-broad ask me ” Are ya donatin?” First thing I thought was, she was asking me if I was going to just leave the money from the cans with the guy who was working the stand. Then I realized that she wanted me to give her my cans. I replied;” I will give you one dollar for every tooth yo got!” She replied, “Then I will take yur four dollars!” Sorry said I, but I don’t donate to folks that don’t want to better themselves.” Well that shut her up, and it stopped tweak-boy from even thinking about engaging me in a conversation, or anything else. The guy working the stand chuckled, and gave me a quick thumbs up.
Just a few moments later, a very well dressed middle-aged woman arrived with a few sacks of bottles, and cans. Tweak-Broad went right into character with her.” Ya donatin’?” The woman replied that “I do donate to the homeless. Are you asking me to give you my stuff?” Tweak-Broad says yes.” Then, The woman ask Tweak-Broad” How do I know you are homeless?” To this, Tweak-Broad said,” Just look at me and my bike.” So the lady gives Tweak-Broad her cans and bottles!
And here is the problem. If people would stop enabling folks like this, there would be motivation to change the life style that has led them to the choice of wanting to live on the streets.

Just a footnote: I did tell Tweak-Broad and Tweak-Boy where they could locate some hidden bum treasures. It just happens to be the streets where two local idiots live that have been posting lies about me on the internet for years. You two are welcome, because ya know who you are, and that you guys read my blog! 🙂

The Hillbilly’s Week’s Review

Interesting would be the biggest under-statement in history to describe the past seven days. Then again, the guy who said the Titanic was unsinkable probably beats me out by a catfish’s whisker.

Monday started off with me being informed that some puke named M Hoffman of Manteca had contacted my employer an accusing me of stealing from the school district, being a racist, and indoctrinating my golf team into the “right-wing” mentality. I have been able to track a person who might be this guy. The name I have been given is Michael John Hoffman. I have a street address and phone number. I was able to drive by this house, and I now have a license plate number of a vehicle that was parked there. I am not sure if this is the person, but I have some good “intel” if it is. Thing is, the person who sent the letter, might also be the person who used my work e-mail to impersonate me, and use my information to sign me up to some porn sites. My district lawyer, my union’s lawyer, and my private lawyer, are looking to see what laws have been broken, and how I can proceed with putting a stop to this cowardly attack. Because if I get my way, I will surely stop him, and it won’t be through the court system.

Tuesday was horrific, losing my best friend that evening.

Wednesday was a nice quiet day, and that evening I fired up the Barbie sans Dude for the first time. His favorite things to do during while bbqing were to pee on whatever I peed on in the back yard. Yes, this is what we hillbillies do, no sissy inside plumbing for us during these manly events! Dude also loved to “woof” while I cooked. His way of saying, “kick me down some food home-billy!”

Thursday? Nothing really went down, which is good. Makes sliding into Friday that much easier.

Friday marked the last Friday of the school year! Which is sorta sad due to the fact that my district is getting hit hard with budget cuts. Something I have known for years that were coming. I would like to throw a big middle finger salute to all of the greedy top-level leaders of the CSEA who over many years have helped make this mess. Every jackass politician sitting up in Sacramento, who, were endorsed by the CSEA, and the Teacher’s Union, are to blame. Oh, and thanks to the stupid that is known as “Seniority”, some really great folks are losing their jobs, while others, who are incompetent will be returning. Go figure.
Saturday and Sunday? Well, if you know me just a little, y’all can fill in the blanks! You know how the Billy rolls on them two-day.

Operation Gratitude Blog

A guest post from deployed First Lietuenant John A., who is serving in the United States Marine Corps:

As American service members continue ten more years of commitment to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, wecannot help but think:

We are not alone in this fight.

I signed up for duty for a few reasons. I believe in public service, self-sacrifice, and the challenge to do something profound. I found these ideals in the Marine Corps.

What amazes me most, however, is along my adventure I’ve met people and civilian organizations that share my same vision.

Thank you so much OPERATION GRATITUDE!

I first encountered Operation Gratitude on the fallow plains of southern Afghanistan after a long, back-breaking patrol. I returned to my patrol base to find my Marines bright-eyed and full of smiles; something was amiss from our drudging normalcy. 

For the first time in months,and…

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