Here A Bum There A Bum

Bums; the term that describes a homeless person who is this way by choice. Yup, a lot of these folks roam the streets of my city; Modesto. See them all the time. Riding bikes at three a.m. with sacks of cans and plastic containers in tow. Often the have the Meth-Gyver trailer that is built from a baby stroller and cardboard. I swear if they could stay clean, they could figure a way to get to the moon with discarded materials that are found in a dumpster.

So I took all my aluminum to the local recycling spot, and low and behold, the 20 something toothless lady, who looks every day of 60, tooling up on her bike with tweak-boy close behind. Of course, being the human crap magnet that I am, it took of one minute till the old tweak-broad ask me ” Are ya donatin?” First thing I thought was, she was asking me if I was going to just leave the money from the cans with the guy who was working the stand. Then I realized that she wanted me to give her my cans. I replied;” I will give you one dollar for every tooth yo got!” She replied, “Then I will take yur four dollars!” Sorry said I, but I don’t donate to folks that don’t want to better themselves.” Well that shut her up, and it stopped tweak-boy from even thinking about engaging me in a conversation, or anything else. The guy working the stand chuckled, and gave me a quick thumbs up.
Just a few moments later, a very well dressed middle-aged woman arrived with a few sacks of bottles, and cans. Tweak-Broad went right into character with her.” Ya donatin’?” The woman replied that “I do donate to the homeless. Are you asking me to give you my stuff?” Tweak-Broad says yes.” Then, The woman ask Tweak-Broad” How do I know you are homeless?” To this, Tweak-Broad said,” Just look at me and my bike.” So the lady gives Tweak-Broad her cans and bottles!
And here is the problem. If people would stop enabling folks like this, there would be motivation to change the life style that has led them to the choice of wanting to live on the streets.

Just a footnote: I did tell Tweak-Broad and Tweak-Boy where they could locate some hidden bum treasures. It just happens to be the streets where two local idiots live that have been posting lies about me on the internet for years. You two are welcome, because ya know who you are, and that you guys read my blog! 🙂

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. boomiebol
    May 20, 2012 @ 17:24:36

    Had to laugh at the footnote…feel bad for these ” local idiots”


  2. bibuji
    May 20, 2012 @ 19:05:23

    A Human crap magnet…. a nice description of yourself. That magnetic is your power.


  3. 68ghia
    May 21, 2012 @ 08:50:03

    We don’t have recycle centres like you do there and in Europe.
    We do have a whole lot of people that does make a living from recycling – and they live on the actual rubbish dumps. They also go from house to house on garbage collection day and go through people’s rubbish.
    I do suppose that she’s possibly trying to make a living? So, if you don’t need the income from the recycling, why not give it to her?


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