The Obama Hustle




by        Mike Flynn17 hours ago

In 1968, the political world was shocked when President Lyndon Johnson, running for reelection just four years after a landslide victory, was held beneath 50% of the vote in the Democrat primary in New Hampshire. Sen. Eugene McCarthy scored a shocking 41.5% of the vote against the incumbent President.

The result confirmed Johnson’s weakness going into the November general election. Within weeks, Sen. Robert Kennedy announced he would seek the Democrat nomination for President and Johnson announced that he would not. LBJ was bowing out of his reelection bid.

Today, the Obama reelection campaign is reeling from his disastrous performance in the Democrat primaries in Arkansas and Kentucky. In Arkansas, an unknown lawyer who has raised only $2,000 scored 42% of the vote. In Kentucky, 40% of the Democrat vote went to “uncommitted”. These results mirror those from a few…

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  1. Carl D'Agostino
    May 24, 2012 @ 17:38:39

    1968 was much more explosive than today and little in common. Of course Barry will run. Why would he be swinging at Romney if not. Why would he have over $1 billion war chest ? But back to 68. Probably RFK would have edged out McCarthy esp winning Cal primary big time. Woulda beat Humphrey too. LBJ was tired and knew he no longer had congress in his pocket with Fulbright slicing away. I think the game changer would be- would more democrats flock to RFK instead of Wallace? That would have weakened Nixon even more. Today is much different because we are definitely a 49%-51% country. If just 1 or 2 or 3 % in several states had gone the other way McCain would have become president.


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