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The Ten Pin Sport

Classic bowling! Buckle up and enjoy.

I Might Not Rock, But I Sure Do Roll……Or Bowl

Geez, most all the guys in my bowling league are good! Not having bowled for a million years, me and my teammate were given pins in both our matches today. My teammate carries a 150 average, while most of the other guys are well above that. We ended up taking 3 out of four games this morning. My low game was 148, and my high was 184. Not bad for just shinning up my ball! The hardest part about the darn game ain’t getting the strikes, but picking up the spares.

So, seeing that I am just a freckle competitive, I am going to work on the game, just as I do in golf. The best part about being in a league, is that I get free practice games! The worst part? The ain’t open till 11am, well after we are done!

Pin Head

No, I am not calling anybody names, at least not here. This id my first day of bowling league. Nothing says vacation like bowling on a Friday morning while the rest of the working world is grinding away!

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