Joe Quatrone, Jr.

TheMostPowerfulTestimonyIsAGodlyLifeIn the Bible, nothing negative is written about Joseph or Daniel. Both were promoted to the king’s court. Both stood alone for what is right. Daniel was thrown into the lions’ den; Joseph was thrown into a pit by jealous brothers and later into prison. Daniel interpreted dreams, Joseph interpreted dreams. Neither changed the interpretations to save himself. They were men of God. They exhibited godly character qualities. They never once backed down or compromised what is right.

In a day when we have a desperate need for godly people in our homes, at work, among friends, and as leaders, it would do us well to determine the characteristics of a godly person. We could look at many passages of Scripture, but for the sake of choosing one, I think Psalm 1 gives us a wonderful characterization of what a godly person looks like, acts like, and thinks like. Let’s…

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