It is the bird with broken wings that Soars...


How long did it take?

 Who began to realize it first?

That would have been the “Visionaries”.

Who finally admitted it last?

That would have been those who live in “denial”.

Every group has them. Every culture has their Visionaries, Realist, and those who live in Denial. I’m sure the Native American Indians were no different. From this point on I will not type out Native American, I will simply say Indian, but you will know who I mean.

The question I am asking is, at what point did the Indian nation realize that the country they had loved was never going to be thesame?

At what point did they realize they had passed the Point-of-no-Return?

How many refused to see even to the very end, with the “Trail of Tears” almost upon them?

How could we have done that to them? It is amazing how capable…

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