Changing Minds One Liberal At A Time

I spent much of Sunday hanging with some pals i Turlock. Most of them teach at various sites in the area. I have been friends with one of them since 89. He tends to be socially liberal. Over the years he has moved toward the right financially though. Funny how the more ya make, the more ya hate when you get nailed with higher taxes! He had said something related towards health care, public employee unions, and tobacco taxes. So I laid this on him….See deep down he is more of a libertarian than a liberal!
I told him all three of these topics are related. He is upset that people who smoke are wasting his tax dollars when they get sick and end up mooching off of some government program, which raise the cost for everyone. I then said that public employee’s are mooching off of the tax payer too, because public dollars are used to match public employee’ retirement funds. And, tobacco taxes are too excessive, and the government wants tobacco sales to grow because they make money from the tax! I asked him if he sees what all three of these issues have in common. He said “Yes, the federal government.” I just about blew my mouth full of beer back into my mug! I said that do you agree we all would be better off without the feds being all up in our mess? He said “yes”, but tried to go lib on me. “What about our roads, and our infrastructure?” I replied with, “Why not let the states deal with these issues? Voters would have much more say control over their lives, and if you did not like the politics of your current state, ya could always move to one that fit better?” He liked the idea! I snarted over that response. A snart is a sneeze and a fart that occur at the same time! Lucky I did not Snit!

He then asked me about my thoughts on legalizing weed. Told him it is pretty simple. Legalize it, but place a restriction on it. Ya can only grow, and use your own crop for yourself, and your direct family members. But ya gotta keep the federal government out of it, or it will go the way of the tobacco industry. I told him most of these social issues are distractions from the real problem. The federal government puttin its nose where it does not belong! Just like the gay marriage crap. It ain’t no civil right. It is a desire. Last time I checked, gays were not being lynched, or denied a meal, or forced to sit in the back of a bus, or forced to use a certain water fountain.
The politicians, and bankers love to keep us fighting over dumb crap. How about sealing the borders, and keeping our own fossil fuels in the country? Our maybe bringing all of our troops home from every where? I think the Koreans, Japanese, Germans, and Brits can fend for themselves.

The Invisible Hillbilly

I have not been around much the last few days. Too much vacationing going on! From bbq’s to golf, there has not been anytime left over for a bit of blogging. How ever, it is overcast today, and the rain is starting to come down. So looks like a will get a bit of a break from the daily grind of not working.:)

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