Bammy Spreading Working American Dollars To Mexico’s Poor And Illegal Aliens

Just keeps getting better all the time. Talk about blatantly breaking his vow to uphold the Constitution. I am amazed we still have any borders left at all!

The Mexican government has been working with the United States Department of Agriculture to increase participation in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), or food stamps.

USDA has an agreement with Mexico to promote American food assistance programs, including food stamps, among Mexican Americans, Mexican nationals and migrant communities in America.

“USDA and the government of Mexico have entered into a partnership to help educate eligible Mexican nationals living in the United States about available nutrition assistance,” the USDA explains in a brief paragraph on their “Reaching Low-Income Hispanics With Nutrition Assistance” web page. “Mexico will help disseminate this information through its embassy and network of approximately 50 consular offices.”

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A Couple Of Things I Would Like To See

I know I am all for less government, but here are a couple of laws I would not mine seeing.

Drug test anyone who receives unemployment benefits.

Prison chain gangs to do road side and public property clean up.

If you don’t pay taxes, ya’ don’t vote in any election.

Death penalty for child molesters.

A ban on any shows that are titled “Real House Wives”

Bring back the traditional light bulbs.

Beer cans that have a pack of beef jerky attached.

Dress code for Wal-Mart shoppers that force folks to wear the correct sizes, and that ban spandex.

Make bums show proof of ownership for the shopping carts.

Ok, glad I got that of my “ice”chest. 🙂

Why Me Lord?

Why am I always stuck in a grocery line behind the person who has one item, but that item has no price, and it is the last one?

Why do I always get the person at the DMV that has all the answers, but they are not the right ones?

Why do I always find the vending machine that will not take the new quarters?

Why do I always order a draft beer, just as the keg runs out, the bartender is always unable to replace it in a timely manner?

Why do I always think I have picked up all the dog poop in the yard, just as I step in a steamy pile?

Why do my dogs always have to drop a deuce right after I finish mowing the lawn?

Why do I always spill food on my white clothing, and not the black stuff?

Why do I always think I can eat before I go to the dentist, and not have food stuck in my choppers?

Why do I always feel the need to write about stuff that has no bearing on the betterment of the universe?

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From now until 2018 there will be 20 new or higher taxes thanks to the Affordable Care Act, which is also known as Obamacare.  So far it looks like Obamacare isn’t too affordable.  Here are the five new taxes that will hit your wallet in 2013.

1. The ObamaCare Medical Device Manufacturing Tax

2. The ObamaCare High Medical Bills Tax

3. The ObamaCare Flexible Spending Account Cap 

4. The ObamaCare Surtax on Investment Income

5. The ObamaCare Medicare Payroll Tax increase

Here are explanations for each of those taxes.

1. The ObamaCare Medical Device Manufacturing Tax

This 2.3 percent tax on medical device makers will raise the price of (for example) every pacemaker, prosthetic limb, stent, and operating table. Can you remind us, Mr. President, how taxing medical devices will reduce the cost of health care? The tax is particularly destructive because it is levied on gross sales and…

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BUNKERVILLE | God, Guns and Guts Comrades!

America’s Watchtower  has been on the trail of the ATF “fast and furious” ,”Gun walking”  story for months and brings us the latest update. On Thursday night, Senator Issa was on Greta’s show, and played a piece of video that should put shivers down everyone’s spine. In typical Chicago syle, threats are clearly made to anyone thinking about being a whistle blower. So here is his piece, and I have added the video.

In the wake of the Fast and Furious scandal which led to the deaths of hundreds of Mexicans and two Americans Todd Jones was brought into the ATF as acting head of the embattled agency under the premise that he would reform the ATF. Apparently his idea of reforming the agency is actually helping the ATF hide its involvement in the deadly scandal because he released a video to his agents entitled “Choices and Consequences” which certainly…

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Alex Jones’ Take On The Colorado Shootings

Not saying I agree or disagree with him, but this is worth the listen.

Bamster also says the most beautiful sound in the world is the islamic call to prayer. Sounds more like a booty call to the goats! LOL!

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