22 Days Of Summer

Oh crap, this is not a good thing at all! 22 days of summer vacation left for the Hillbilly. That means 22 days until I have to start my 180 days of work until my next summer vacation. This vacation has been one of my best ever. The biggest reason? because I took a serious step back from following craptastic political scene, and a huge break from blogging. I can understand why some people don’t give a rip about anything politics. I have caught bits and pieces, you know, how the punk ass in chief is a bold face liar. How his rump ranger pal Holder won’t own up to the fact that Fast and Furious got an American killed. How John Roberts needs to be drug tested. And yes, Obama-care is unconstitutional because I say it is….and so does the Constitution, but the elected officials, and many others are too busy wiping their butts with it. How the American people are getting a couple of lousy choices to vote for this November.

Shoot, just writing this is making me want to take another long break.:)

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