Pin-Head The Bowling Addiction Begins

Well it is official, I am now officially hooked on bowling. Yup, two days a week of league bowling ain’t enough. I practice a minimum of 5 games, twice a week. The average is still climbing, but I am still getting beat by eye witnesses of the Civil war! I purchased a new ball that allows me to play a hook. I figured out really fast that all the best players do not throw a straight ball, nor do they use a ball that resembles a house ball. I still have not purchased shoes, mostly due to the fact a love the look of the blue and red rentals.

Out of my last seven-league games, two have been over two hundred, and only one under my current average of 163. My biggest issue, besides still getting my ass kicked by really good players, is picking up the easy spares. Yup, the frickin’ ten pin is harder to hit than a skeeter in the dark. As the bowling announcer; Nelson Burton jr. likes to say”Trust is a must, or your game is a bust.” Oh yeah, the bowling lingo is almost as cool as the golf lingo!

Now with my vacation slipping away faster than a gravy train on biscuit wheels on a Sunday at Ridgeway’s, I am having to look at my work schedule to see what nights I can league bowl. I am also very worried about my spring golf schedule. Looks like it will be a weekend league for this Pin-Headed Hillbilly!

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  1. 68ghia
    Jul 19, 2012 @ 03:39:49

    Oh my!!!
    Obsess much?


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