Live Free, Die Free: I Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Federal Government Help

I guess I will never understand those who believe that the Federal “Goderment” is the answer to all of societies’ problems. Barry “In”sane Obama stated just the other day that private individuals are only successful because of Uncle Sam! Does this not scare the moderate libs? It is a classic collectivist view. Because a UPS truck drives on roads that are maintained with some federal dollars( forced of course) that this is why UPS is so successful? Barry even went a bit Al Gore when he said there would have been no internet without out the help of Big Brother. Stick that in your pocket protector Bill Gates.

I am really starting to believe our country, and too many of our citizens, legal and illegal, are so greedy, lazy, and ignorant, to understand the immorality of being dependent on the federal government. Remember, it should be God, family, and country. Not Government, Government, Government. Every time a person decides they can live off of the system, and not their own labors, they are making government their god. Oh, and you libs save the “wait till you get old and sick crap.” Not all of us are hypocrites like yourselves. And, like I always say, our truly disabled citizens, and our vets, should be cared for. But the rest of us deserve nothing from the feds except secure borders, and protection against the internationalist NWO skanks that make up the Federal Reserve, 90 percent of our federally elected officials, our POTUS and those who allow us to stay dependent on foreign fuels.

Yup, some day I am looking forward to going out of this world ugly. Laying in a pool of my own sick, buzzards circling, and worms clapping. And I won’t ask for one penny’s worth of help from the “goderment.”


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