Why Me Lord?

Why am I always stuck in a grocery line behind the person who has one item, but that item has no price, and it is the last one?

Why do I always get the person at the DMV that has all the answers, but they are not the right ones?

Why do I always find the vending machine that will not take the new quarters?

Why do I always order a draft beer, just as the keg runs out, the bartender is always unable to replace it in a timely manner?

Why do I always think I have picked up all the dog poop in the yard, just as I step in a steamy pile?

Why do my dogs always have to drop a deuce right after I finish mowing the lawn?

Why do I always spill food on my white clothing, and not the black stuff?

Why do I always think I can eat before I go to the dentist, and not have food stuck in my choppers?

Why do I always feel the need to write about stuff that has no bearing on the betterment of the universe?

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