Can you imaginre if a college did this for a GOP/conservative candidate?

Paul Ryan Speech Part 1

The Conservative Citizen


There’s an old saying that’s applicable here: Diplomacy is the art of letting someone else have your way. My only question is this: Did the Republicans say “thank you” – after bending over and agreeing to what amounts to a liberal Dream Team – Jim Lehrer, Bob Schieffer and Candy Crowley – being selected as the only moderators of the upcoming presidential debates?

Too add insult to injury, the lone vice presidential debate will be moderated by ABC’s Martha Raddatz. A bit of dot-connecting is in order: Raddatz is ABC’s senior foreign affairs correspondent. While it’s hard to admit (without having been water-boarded) that Biden has a strength in anything – if he does, it’s foreign affairs. Wow – we did that with two dots.

Back to the Dream Team:

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Obama Banned This Vid?


I posted this article a while ago and decided to post it again today because I’ve seen SO much of this lately coming from those green eyed vermin.  

This is what the so-called “public educators” are teaching ou children.

I’ve been asked before “How to identify a muslim from the Indians?”  My answer has always been “The muslims look at you with pure hatred in their beady little eyes, while the Indians look at you with gentleness and Love in their eyes.”   Today,  one can always identify a leftist….. just like their muslim pals, they look at you with pure hatred in their beady little eyes.  Don’t believe me?  Put it to the test, then.  Next time you find yourself near one of those evil, leftist beasts,  bring up something you accomplished that you worked hard for and something that you benefited from.  Like a new car or a bonus at…

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2016: The Movie

This get a two thumbs up from multiple friends. And they all said it was very fairly done.

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