The emotive word of “refugee” conjures up false images of poor, bedraggled foreigners who’ve escaped from their 3rd-world nations in fear for their lives, and just “in the nick of time“.  

However, nothing could be further from the truth.

Most refugee scammers arrive in jumbo jets from any country in the world, or simply drive across our land border, or pay people smugglers to ship them across the ocean to this “land of trusting fools“.

[See: Canadian Border Madness]

I suggest we immediately stop using that outdated “refugee” word, and replace it with the more apt description of “Backdoor Uninvited Migrant” … or using the simple acronym B.U.M.(s).  

Just how many foreigners have used this bogus “refugee” ticket in the last 22 years or so? Answer:  Numbers that would rival a large-sized Canadian city of 800,000 people!!

[See: Sudanese…

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