What The Frack?

I see many a lib are all up in arms over the fracking. The benefits far out weigh the negatives. Then again, until we are riding bikes living in grass huts, they will never be happy!

MIT Report Finds fracking is Safe

Bookmark Last June, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology issued a 178-page report called “The Future of Natural Gas” (a copy of the full report is embedded below). Somehow this report escaped MDN’s notice at the time. Seeing that it’s conclusions are that hydraulic fracturing is safe, MDN understands why mainstream media outlets don’t endlessly promote it and quote from it as they do from journal articles penned by anti-drilling professors like Robert Howarth and Tony Ingraffea making outrageous claims like natural gas is worse for the environment than coal (see this MDN story).

The report is the fourth in a series of MIT reports examining the role of various energy sources that may be important for meeting future demand under carbon dioxide emissions constraints. In each case, as with this report, MIT looks at what is needed for energy sources to remain competitive if and when CO2 emissions are taxed. That is, how will this energy source stack up if there’s a price on carbon dioxide emissions.

Among the many interesting findings in the report are these:

With over 20,000 shale wells drilled in the last 10 years, the environmental record of shale gas development has for the most part been a good one — but it is important to recognize the inherent risks and the damage that can be caused by just one poor operation. (page 39)

The fracturing process itself poses minimal risk to the shallow groundwater zones that may exist in the upper portion of the wellbore. (page 40)

The physical realities of the fracturing process, combined with the lack of reports from the many wells to date of fracture fluid contamination of groundwater, supports the assertion that fracturing itself does not create environmental concerns. (page 41)

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  1. J.G.Brown
    Aug 18, 2012 @ 07:08:07

    I would beg to differ with MIT and its findingsand before I proceed say all that glitters is not gold and PT barnum said clearly there is a sucker born every day,but I am not a scientist nor well educated in the ways of grants endowments and government contracts. Nor am I a liberal progressive or a demo-crate. What I am is a man who sees millions of gallons of heated chemical laden water being pumped under pressure into the ground. Now in my area we have old mines and they are drilling over them around them and that can only lead to some very bad things, but I am just a fool one who has seen what mine subsidance can do, rather works like a sink hole. But all this chemical laden salt water it then dissolves the shale stone releases the gas and they reclaim maybe 80% of the chemical laden water which must then be disposed of. Now if they were doing this in Central LA downtown Seattle New York Tampa or Atlanta in any population center there would be an up-roar that would rival the second coming of the Christ. But it is being done in my back yard here in the hills of West Virginia. Yes all of this is being donein my state the hillybilly state the red neck founding state now identified with the hicks those Appalachian poor buffoons. They have closed the mines blocked coal gasification which would have brought hundreds of thousands of jobs for this short term so call fix, which will pollute our ground water and over time as those unrecovered chemicals leach out come for the rest of you. You should stop and think for many rivers flow from and through West Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania, but why should the city-idiots care about us? they have their gas for heat while their beloved Prez. cancels pipe lines shuts down mines and just plain lies. And no one calls him or his crew on anything.


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