I Miss My Bowling Leagues!

This working during the day gig is tiresome already. I miss the sounds of bowling pins being smashed into the pit! The groans when I leave a split, and the oh yeah when I trow a three-bagger to secure another 200 plus game. I am awaiting my Sunday afternoon league to start, but nothing says “Look at me, I am not working this summer” like a weekday morning bowling league!
Keglers of the world unite!

Uncle Sam’s Pocket Full Of Shells

Dr. Savage discusses the mass purchase of ammo by some deifferent federal agencies. I had talked about this about a week ago.

“Federal agencies are trying to tamp down speculation over their hollow-point ammo purchases,” Michael Savage explained to listeners, adding:

Why does the Social Security Administration suddenly need 174,000 rounds of .357 hollow-point pistol ammo?

A message on the official blog for the Social Security inspector general says, “Our special agents need to be armed and trained appropriately.”

To do what? So that if senior citizens riot when their benefits are cut, they can always gun them down like in South Africa?

We’re hearing that the National Weather Service also bought hollow-point ammo. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration just purchased 46,000 rounds of such ammunition.

What sane citizenry on earth would not be alarmed when they read that a criminal organization like the Obama administration is arming every agency to the teeth with hollow-point ammunition?

Why would any government need hollow-point bullets in any case?

You don’t need them for target practice. When you shoot at a piece of paper you don’t need a bullet that expands inside a body and tears up organs.

Nobody has an answer. You’ll never get an answer from the Department of Homeland Security.

That sorority house is not in business to help you. They’re in business to keep you in line.

Daycare Employees Arrested For Encouraging Toddlers To Fight « CBS Philly

Daycare Employees Arrested For Encouraging Toddlers To Fight « CBS Philly.

Is this a hate crime? Where is Rev Al and Jess?

Dr. Savage: Romney,Ryan,Marxist, And The Ignorant Masses

Got this via Dr. Savage’s e-mail news letter.

‘There is no conservative element inside the Republican Party’ Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things “Savage.”

In today’s issue: Savage played two troubling audio clips on the air, illustrating the naked arrogance and corruption of the nation’s elites.

First, Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York City was heard “joking” about how easy it is for illegal immigrants to get into the country and stay here. Then Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch smugly advised candidate Mitt Romney to simply ignore average Americans who object to undocumented aliens swarming across the border.

Michael Savage expressed his disgust with both men and warned listeners that the Republican Party elite are, in their own way, as contemptuous of ordinary, law abiding citizens as the Democrats are.

“The traitor turncoat mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg is now encouraging illegal aliens to come up here and overstay their visas,” Savage explained, adding:

But that’s not as bad as it gets. It gets even worse.

Rupert Murdoch, the owner of Fox News (the so-called conservative alternative on the television dial) also had some things to say about illegal immigration.

He’s advising Romney to just ignore citizens’ concerns about illegals and just “run right over” these critics, who he calls “nativists.”

Now you know why the personalities at Fox News would rather have pimps and murderers as guests on their shows, instead of someone who disagrees with them or anyone who is actually a nationalist.

Anyone who believes in borders, language and culture is anathema to the Faux News Channel.

Now you understand why: The boss himself is pro-Obama.

Murdoch just told the Republican Party to ignore the so-called “nativists” — who happen to be the core voting base of the GOP.

But the fact is, there is no conservative element inside the Republican Party.

Please understand that the word “Republican” does not mean “conservative.”

The communist Left in the Democratic Party differs only slightly from the socialist Left in the Republican Party on issues such as immigration, and on many other issues.

Visit the Michael Savage website here.

“This is the end of the Romney campaign,” Michael Savage declared right after the candidate announced Paul Ryan as his running mate.

He told WND: “As good a man as he is, Ryan will be portrayed by the Marxists as another rich white male who wants to ruin the environment, destroy Medicaid and Social Security and give tax breaks to the very rich. It’s all over.

“The Romney schmucks are so out of touch with reality they do not see how they are being portrayed and perceived both by the servile press and the ignorant masses.

“The Romney insiders detest conservatives and are trying to appease this core base with Ryan. Too little, too late.”

Have They Won?

As you may know, I have been spending time at the Huffo Post sharing my Hillybilly thoughts. I am surprised that there are other conservative Christians there too. The majority of folks there are left leaning. What I have also noticed is that there is not much common ground, and just about everybody stands their ground. So I am wondering if the string pullers, who pretty much run Washington, because Lord knows we don’t, have succeeded in driving a permanent wedge between us? With congress’ approval ratings in the single digits, it would seem that us right-wingers, and those lefty-nuts could find something to agree on.

I would say we need to at least agee on civil discourse of the issues that face our nation. I would also suggest we all admit we, as a nation, need to decide if we are going to continue to give the government a larger role in our lives, or, like I hope for, that we start to get them the heck out of it in almost every aspect, except for national defense.

I know we fought a bloody war over this once, I hope it does not happen again.

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