Man pays burrito win forward — again

This is awesome. More proof that America does not need the federal government welfare/handouts!

Tracy’s Brian Pekari gives away a second year of complimentary Freebirds burritos to charity, just days after securing a year of free food for a local homeless shelter.

via Man pays burrito win forward — again.


The following editorial was written some years ago by Wayne Perryman, an inner city minister in Seattle and the author of Unfounded Loyalty. This is the man who brought a reparations lawsuit against the Democratic Party. What, you didn’t hear about that in the media? Imagine that!

Most people are either a Democrat by design, or a Democrat by deception. That is either they were well aware of the racist history of the Democratic Party and still chose to be Democrat, or they were deceived into thinking that the Democratic Party is a party that sincerely cares about Black people.

History reveals that every piece of racist legislation that was ever passed and every racist terrorist attack that was ever inflicted on African Americans, was initiated by members of the Democratic Party. From the formation of the Democratic Party in 1792 to the Civil Rights movement of 1960′s, Congressional records…

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Obama’s Green “Bain” In The Ass Donor

Barry and his pack rats sure like to dig up, or down, anything possible on The Mitt. But I’ll be darned, if I have not heard a word, or a key board click at The Huffo-Po about this:

Aug 23, 3:18 AM EDT

AP Exclusive: Energy loan watchdog an Obama donor

Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) — A veteran Wall Street executive who performed an independent review that exonerated the Obama administration’s program of loans to energy companies contributed $52,500 to re-elect President Barack Obama in the months since completing his work, according to an Associated Press review of campaign records. The executive defended the integrity of his conclusions and said he decided to donate to Obama after his work was finished.

Most dems/libs and race huslters need their minorities to be victims and dependent on the federal government. Conservative Blacks are pushed to the back of the political bus by the above folks.

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