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This has been out there for a few days, and I am late to the story. In truth, it reveals what we can expect if we have four more years of this. Chicago methods, or closer to Stalinist methods to silence us. If you do not toe the party line, the government will discredit you and literally sue you and put you out of business. Most do not have millions to defend themselves in court. Recall Gibson Guitar? Just  the beginning folks. Two posts today, a great video below this post to encourage our spirit. “Ronald Reagan warned us about Obama”.

Here we go:

“What do you think of the Obama Administration threatening the Gallup Organization for essentially issuing a veiled warning about the tinkering of the unemployment numbers?” Sodahead, August 24, 2012.

Twice this summer, Gallup has published a report calling into question discrepancies between its unadjusted research and what is being tallied…

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  1. investigator25
    Aug 28, 2012 @ 16:02:44

    1 beer and I think you have it pegged just right…. If we care to keep our country, life style and 401K – anything of value we had better think carefully where we cast our vote and where we place our loyalty in the November election….


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