Obama wins Coveted Communist Party Endorsement

For a POTUS isn\’t a Communist, the Communist Party USA sure is interested in him staying in office.

via Obama wins Coveted Communist Party Endorsement.

92 Year Young Man Flexes His Rights!

Dude is bad ass!

VERONA — Earl Jones had just turned off his new TV shortly after 2 a.m. Monday when he heard a bang in the basement.

The 92-year-old Boone County farmer walked eight paces to get his loaded .22 caliber rifle from behind the bedroom door. He unwrapped a beige cloth and returned to the living room, sitting in a chair with clear view – and shot – of the basement door, waiting with the gun across his lap.

Some 15 minutes later, when he heard footsteps moving closer up the stairs, he raised the rifle to his eye. The intruder kicked open the door. Jones fixed his aim on the center of the man’s chest and fired a single shot. The Boone County Sheriff later announced the death of the intruder, Lloyd (Adam) Maxwell, 24, of Richmond, Ky

“These people aren’t worth any more to me than a groundhog,” Jones told the Enquirer. “They have our country in havoc. We got so many damned crooked people walking around today.”

The Conservative Hill Billy:

The shooters and their victims don’t vote anyway. And there ain’t no white folks to blame. Who is the mayor again?

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Does ignoring the truth make it not so?

Think about it. The Chicago Tribune even went so far as to defend it. Called it “insignificant” to the root of the awful crimes on which it reported. The liberal media and America’s self-appointed black leaders are involved in a “soft” cover-up: Black-on-black crime in the streets of Chicago is out of control.

We saw the same phenomenon in the (non)-response to (black) “flash-mob” violence a couple of years ago. Only the brave (black) mayor of Philadelphia had the cojones to not only speak the truth, but to chastise black youths for their indiscriminate (and yes, racist) crimes – against random white people – solely because they were white. Now, it’s murder – and its getting worse. And what do we hear? Crickets.

The “mainstream” media will not speak the…

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The Political Illusion Of The ‘Lesser Of Two Evils’

This is a must read/watch.

As I stated in my article ‘The Lesser Of Two Evils Con-Game’, one of the great dangers of the upcoming 2012 elections is the psychological trap presented by the Mitt Romney campaign.

Some conservatives are so terrified of a second Obama term that they are willing to strap on the blinders and ignore the overwhelming facts that reveal Romney to be no more than another globalist puppet with an almost identical policy record to the man they despise.


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