The shooters and their victims don’t vote anyway. And there ain’t no white folks to blame. Who is the mayor again?

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  1. twg2a PitBull
    Sep 04, 2012 @ 10:39:33

    Emanuels and his klan could lynch a thousand blacks on live television and the obamazombies still wouldn’t believe it. They won’t even look at the historical facts about the abhorrent history of racism within the DIM party, instead pointing their hooves at those of us who oppose it because that is how they’ve been trained.

    The DIM party relies heavily on them remaining as ignorant as possible. If blacks ever woke up from this slumber and realized they’re on the wrong side, the party of DIMS would be abolished forever and those responsible for the lies punished and forever rebuked..


  2. twg2a PitBull
    Sep 04, 2012 @ 10:51:59

    Indeed, they are. obama and his army are the most divisive, racist, hateful regime this world has ever seen. It is not so apparent in their words. Their actions and subversive techniques speak volumes.

    Back in the ’60’s and ’70’s, race relations were beginning to mend. This regime, along with the entire DIM party, have done more to reverse that trend than any other in our history. I noticed, back in ’06, that things had reversed course and we had reverted back a hundred years.

    Will the majority of blacks EVER wake up and see the DIMS for what they are? I doubt it very much. If they ever do, it’ll be FAR too late to change the course this ship is taking.

    The DIMS have worked diligently to ensure blacks are kept in the dark, on the plantation and that they toe the party line.

    It’s akin to a nest of baby robins with their beaks open, awaiting mommy’s return for their daily feeding.


  3. twg2a PitBull
    Sep 04, 2012 @ 10:52:38

    …… But in this case, mommy Robin never teaches them how to fly and never kicks them out of the nest.


  4. J.G.Brown
    Sep 05, 2012 @ 21:22:10

    note to self: Zimmerman claims he is Hispanic just as O man claims he is black, the media says the Hispanic man is white so isn’t the O man white. why does the media ignore what is happening in old Chicago and every where else? its O mans stomping ground and one must think that all the murders are black on black and mostly over drugs. that is the legacy of progressive liberalism in all democratic controlled states, under democratic rule under the feeling blight of liberalism our nation has become a cesspool so vile, we have redefined the murder of our children as a right saying they are not humans. so what is then wrong when those we do allow to live murder one another? Note to self : where are the most child murders taking place? self says not in white communities but others vie for number one. So what stink is communism hiding in plain sight and me think that the Senator from Wisconsin Old Joe McCarthy was right but they made him look the fool. for self say the real power lay in side the belt way and never changes only grows and takes away more from we the people while promising to give us stuff for free.


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