No Race Issues In The DNC

What more needs to be said?

Good Bye To A Legendary Songwriter

Joe south wrote some wonderful songs. Elvis and Conway covered a few of them.

He Tried: Let’s Give Him Another Chance

That pretty well sums up Bubba’s speech last night. Under that line of stupid reasoning, Jimmy “Boy” Carter should have won re-election in 1980. Are there enough ignorant Americans that actually buy into this? Maybe so. We have many who have raised their children in the soccer match mentality: No winners, no losers, no score, just every player receiving a juice box and a slice of pizza, and being told how outstanding they are. Then when they get to an actual competitive league,and have their slats cracked open, and they find out that they suck!

Life is not, and should not be a level playing field. If I am passed out on the 10th floor of a hotel that is on fire, I want a fireman that can lift my buffed 220lbs frame down the stairs, and not some 125 lbs Affirmative Action hire. And I can see the buck-twenty-five guy saying” Comme on, I tried to save his hunky- ass, give me another chance!”

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