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  1. J.G.Brown
    Sep 13, 2012 @ 11:56:54

    In the past few days I have read listened to and seen the well packaged media proaganda from the progressive liberal the comunists and the islamics whom they call moderates on 9/11. there was a film compiled of the 142 minutes of terror destruction and the death of thousands. In it we saw the courage of many their desire to help their fellow man, I did not hear the quote”no greater thing can one do than lay down his life for another”. But we saw it heard it as if we were there. Abesnt was the other side the celebration of the destruction seen round the world in each of those moderate islamic countries and what is saddest of all was seen in our own country.18 men were being praised as heros of God while we and the dead were called evil vile and deserving of this vile act.
    I do not hate muslims I pity them I do not understand how one can teach praise and venerate such hate as they do. My God teach me me to love and bless those who hate you , forgive them bless them never retuurn to them evil for evil but always good for evil. my only question now is why do we hate ourselves as much as those who seek to kill us, or why are we ashamed of who we are one nation under God.


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