Left United Right Divided

From Savage’s e-mail:

Michael Savage notes that this division is in marked contrast with the behavior of leftists, who work hard to present a united front.

“Here’s something I’ve noticed and heard about from others who work inside the whole system,” Savage told listeners:

A higher-up told me today that everybody on the conservative side hates everybody else. Nobody likes anybody. Everybody puts everybody else down behind the scenes.

And I agree.

The left is united; the right is divided.

For some reason, the communists, socialists and anarchists line up behind each other. They never say anything negative about each other.

And the reason is simply because we conservatives are more free-spirited. We’re not as bound by a party.

But that’s how the Communist Party used to work: Nobody dared to step out of line in the old days.

If they did, they were ejected from the party.

That’s what the Democrats are today. That’s why there’s total unity behind Obama, because he is in essence the equivalent of a communist leader.

Meanwhile, every conservative snipes about the others behind their backs and puts them down.

At least I do it openly. They won’t.

I find fault with everybody and I tell you that. I’m a free spirit and that’s how I see it.

The liberals never criticize each other.

The mark of a free man is someone who can criticize somebody.

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