Wanted: Dead Or Alive

This could have been the slogan back in 1939 for anybody daring to capture or Kill Adolph Hitler. fast forward to 2012, and we once again have Hitler on our planet: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. We have this vile rat coming to the US. Why don’t we take him into custody,or simply take him out? No doubt he has helped arm our enemies during wartime. He has also called for the destruction of Israel. Hitler taught us that these threats are real. I say a 30 pack of coolies to the person who sends him straight to his 72 virgin goats.

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  1. J.G.Brown
    Sep 12, 2012 @ 10:27:36

    It is ironic that we look back to see the mistakes that were made. We then judge them for their wrongs ,but we then turn around and do the same things. Chamberlin came home from his meeting with old Adolf and declared to all peace in our time is achieved. then the second world war took off.it is the irony of this story that the third riecht never died it went on it still does it grows stronger everday. For it was exported around the world it took root and grows at its heart its core is anger rage and hate. its unity is built on hate for one small group of people. It now controls twenty two plus countries and has great influence in many others. And no one seems to care even fewer take notice.who did hitler hate and seek then to destroy who is the most hate evil of the brotherhod. Hitler trained them oh so well and they keep and seek to push the world straight to hell. just because the head is gone does not mean the snake is dead. the brotherhood and Islam is like the hydra.


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