Muslims Riots Where?

I don’t recall seeing this on NBC,CBS, or ABC.

American Muslims stoned a crowd of Christians at the 2012 Arab Festival in Dearborn, Michigan. Joe Newby from the Examiner writes:

The police took no action against the attackers, telling the Christians they were the problem, instead of the mob who engaged in numerous acts of assault and battery.

The 22-minute video shows a number of attacks made against the Christians by adults and children repeatedly hurling profanities in addition to rocks, garbage, water bottles and crates.

At around 11:00 into the video the police tell the Christians that they have the right to leave… He forgets to mention that they have a right to protection.

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  1. Ray's Mom
    Sep 18, 2012 @ 06:35:57

    There was a small story of this, but not at the liberal media….probably more like CNS news online…this is so rediculous….compare to the Christians who were arrested in Philadelphia for showing up and reading their Bible at a homosexual demonstration.

    They (the ministers)were defended by an attorney I know personally, C. Scott Shields, Esq. who, until his death from a skydiving accident last year was the attorney who successfully prosecuted the forgery, fraud and insurance fraud against my son’s widow…..she forged a will, and a letter to a life insurance co after he was dead attempting to change the beneficiary to herself. ( The state of Pennsylvania still refuses to investigate his death, even though there was a huge amount of poison in his blood toxicology – no drugs, no alcohol…..nothing but poison.

    Excuse my rant…


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