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Fox News Insider just reported: FOX NEWS EXCLUSIVE: Intel Sources Say Libya Attack Tied to Al Qaeda and Ex-Gitmo Detainee Sufyan Ben Qumu. We posted info back in April, 2011 that this bad fellow was heading up the rebels, and Clinton was the one behind giving him covert arms.

According to his Gitmo files, he was also tied to 9/11 financiers, and his alias is “found on a list of probable Al Qaeda personnel receiving monthly stipends and family support.”

CLICK HERE FOR THE ACTUAL DOCUMENT: Gitmo Transfer Papers for Al Qaeda Employee Who May Have Led Libya Attack

Question: Why are we still focused on the question of whether the attack was “pre-planned” or “spontaneous” if we have good reason to think Al Qaeda was involved? It’s not like U.S. intelligence didn’t know that there are expert jihadis in the area; on the contrary, Benghazi is one of the jihadi-est places…

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