BUNKERVILLE | God, Guns and Guts Comrades!

In what should be required reading for all Obamabots, and especially Conservatives, the Washington Examiner is running a ten part series that will knock your socks off. Finally, someone in the media took some time to vet our Commander in thief. The video below covers the period of his defending a slumlord, and his law school non tenured position at Harvard where he produced no writings. Time to take the gloves off, Romney, or your surrogates.

Washington Examiner: The Obama you didn’t know.

In an effort to get a clearer picture of Obama — his shaping influences, his core beliefs, his political ambitions and his accomplishments — The Washington Examiner conducted a four-month inquiry, interviewing dozens of his supporters and detractors in Chicago and elsewhere, and studying countless court transcripts, government reports and other official documents.

But beyond the spin and the polls, a starkly different picture emerges. It is a…

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