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To paraphrase – with one factually wrong, decidedly insensitive, and patently biased comment, Arab American Institute President, James Zogby, and liberal aspirant, is doing more to focus attention away from the devastating impact Palestinian culture has had on the Palestinian economy and its own people for well over two decades, the result of which (should Zogby’s despicable propaganda mesmerize the masses of Palestinians he caters to) can only stymie development in that region for more decades to come.

James Zogby, being of Arab descent, (his father came to America illegally, from Lebanon, and Zogby was born in New York) and having a liberal mindset, and bias against Israel, (probably a personal hatred too), and writing for the “Arianna Nation” severely scolds soon to be President Romney for his “patently bias comment” he made about Palestinian culture, which was neither patently biased nor anywhere near off the mark.  In fact…

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  1. J.G.Brown
    Oct 10, 2012 @ 10:23:07

    Yasiir Arafat a man filled with hate for Jews and the State of Israel, trained in Syria and Iraqi by men who were themselves trained by the Nazis; crossed into Israel in the early 1960 to blow up a water plant that was newly completed when arrested he listed his nation of birth and residence as Egypt. The so call Palestine refugees were and are not true refugees they are like our southern neighbors an influx of illegals from Jordan Egypt Syria and any and all other Arab nations. the goal and focus of their invasion is as it has been stated for 100 plus years, the destruction of any and all Jewish influence in the region.Since the first plane hijackings of the early 70’s billions have poured into this small areas whose population has swelled from a few hundred thousand to over ten million today. Have they build schools homes roads water treatment facilities? Have they built hospitals clinics ? No they buy guns build bombs teach hate promote destruction and offer rewards to murders. And they are loved by the world now what does that say about the world and man kind in general?


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