Nothing Worse Than A Bad Chopper

I am not talking motor cycles or butchers here. I am talking about my frigging tooth that needs a root canal. I usually enjoy going to the tooth-puller, seeing that I think their job is fascinating. All but two of my teeth have been drilled and filled over the years. I brush and floss all the time, but have been told that some of us poor slobs just got the business end of the pooper scooper when it come to genetics for our chicklets. But this tooth is different. Kind of like the one kid who rides the short bus, and nobody sits next to because he chews his warts off. Everytime I go to make an appointment, the darn things settles down. Then around 4:15 on a Friday; Happy Hour, it makes a sudden return like the squirts at the movies!

I was thinking if fluoride(I know, I think the stuff is poison, but it helps my rant) was put into beer, I would have the best looking grill since the 1955 Bel Air. Why the heck can’t somebody come up with a cure for cavities? Sure, cancer and AIDS get all the attention, but at least the pain from these illnesses finally kill you, but the tooth ache rages on and not granting your wish for death.

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