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Oh, hell – on second thought, there is more to be said. Let’s add a few more reasons to this guy’s list:

13. I voted Democratic because I believe that America is a selfish country that only got to where it is today by bullying and exploiting the rest of the world.

14. I voted Democratic because I believe it is the governments’ right to force Catholic organizations to provide birth control and abortion benefits for employees who choose to work for those organizations of their own free will.

15. I voted Democratic because I believe its perfectly okay for a crucifix submerged in urine to be on display at the Smithsonian Institution, but not okay for a manger to be on display in a public square.

16. I voted Democratic because I believe it’s racist when conservatives criticize black liberals…

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Float Ur Boats

Yup, it is raining buckets here in Central California. I know the storms we get here are no match for the eastern states’ storms, but by the reactions of many California residents, you would think there was a class 5 hurricane blowing through. So here is a tribute to rain. Too bad it does not melt liberals!

It’s Official: Obama Voter Fraud Reason for ‘Reelection,’ Growing Totalitarian Government

It’s Official: Obama Voter Fraud Reason for ‘Reelection,’ Growing Totalitarian Government.

Facts already in Place
– First and foremost, Obama lost in each and every US State where voter ID laws were in place

– Massive Obama voter fraud occurred in multiple States–especially the “swing states”

– In 59 Philadelphia precincts, Mitt Romney received no votes and Obama received 100% of the votes–or even higher. This fact, alone, should have raised red flags and set off all manner of bells, whistles and sirens. But, the Republican Establishment (aka Marxist-lite) has remained silent

– In Florida, St. Lucie County and other counties experienced unprecedented voter fraud, with St. Lucie reporting in at a141% turnout–which is impossible

– In Ohio, Obama “won” the county by 108% of registered voters–another impossibility, of course, except with well-planned and implemented election fraud

– The military vote was almost totally suppressed in the November elections

– People were openly reported to have voted twice–or more

– Republican poll watchers in multiple states were either turned away and not allowed to enter the precincts or thrown out once they had done so

– Voters in multiple voting booths across the country reported their votes for Romney were automatically changed to Obama (video below)

– Votes for Romney/Ryan were either changed to Obama./Biden by poll workers or thrown out entirely

– Democrats bussed non-US citizen voters, many of whom could not speak English, from state to state to vote for Obama

The Conservative Hill Billy:

“Keep in mind that the first and third paragraphs of the Declaration of Independence expressly contemplate the dissolution of a political union when the underlying government becomes tyrannical.Do we have a ‘government without limitation of powers’ yet? The Federal government kept the Union together through violence and force in the Civil War, but did might really make right?” Paul added.

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National Constitution Center

Outgoing Republican U.S. representative Ron Paul has waded into the secession debate, saying that states have the right to leave the Union, and that the Civil War may not have been “right.”


The libertarian politician made the comments on his official House website.

The latest secession controversy was started by a series of petitions on a White House website called We the People. They asked the Obama administration to comment on the possible secession of Texas, Louisiana, and other states after the president defeated Mitt Romney earlier this month.

The Texas petition received about 115,000 online signatures as of Tuesday morning, with a number of people not living in Texas signing up.

Paul’s comments were picked up on political websites on Monday night.

“While I wouldn’t hold my breath on Texas actually seceding, I believe these petitions raise a lot of worthwhile questions about…

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Got Views?

This is looking at the 17th green at Dryden Golf Course in Modesto CA.

The Conservative Hill Billy:

Of course he lies. He is nothing more than a front man for Goldman/Sachs and other globalist who are the ones running the country..

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Before I get started, here’s a quick memo to the Washington Post and anyone else who’s ever been surprised to find Barack Obama smack dab in the middle of an arm’s length relationship with the truth: If O’s lips are moving, he’s lying. Got it? Good, let’s continue.

One of the major reasons cited by the Washington Post for it’s 2012 endorsement of Obama was his “balanced approach” to deficit reduction. Now that he’s won the election, WaPo is alarmed to discover that he is pushing for tax increases while offering no substantial budget cuts whatsoever. Alarmed, WaPo? Seriously? Yeah – I was “alarmed” when the sun came up this morning, too.

I don’t mean to be obtuse here, but how much more evidence does anyone need to understand why this guy’s nickname is Liar-in-Chief?

Hell – O was breaking promises during

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My Point Of View

These are some pics Roddy Ranch in Antioch CA.

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