Yo Ratsy! I am to the point that I just want to know how I am going to finish off my last 40 years or so on this planet. Are we as a nation taking the socialist plunge, or are we headed back to the constituion, where people take care of themselves, families, and neighbors without looking to Uncle Sam first. Either way, we might be looking at a second civil war. I pray it will be fought through the ballot box, but D.C. seems to be stacking the deck in this card game. I know the feds are worried about a civil uprising, they have troops training for just an event. Thing is, most of the military troops are center to right leaning, so it would be interesting to see how it would shake out. If we go USSofA, then I am planning to live off the grid as soon as possible. Nice trailer in the hills, guns, dogs, Bible, and Mrs Hillbilly. If the man comes for any thing I own, then he will be stealing it from my cold, dead, bloddied hands.
If Barry is re-appointed, then I will stand by my statement that the American people, especially white Chritians, are in deep doo-doo. Don’t believe me, just ask Colon Poopowell. The guy is the worst type of racist known to mankind. He lied and scammed his way to the top of the military ladder, then came clean and voted for Obama. solely because he is a blackman. F- whitey, F- the system that allowed Colon to be a successful military man.
Ok, I gotta simmer down for a bit.

Another Drive Away Liberal

This is another classic moment in the Hillbilly’s life. I was pulling into the gym’s parking lot yesterday. See, the old white Ford has a Romney/Ryan sticker on it. I noticed a gray-bearded, glasses wearing guy eyeballing my truck as I passed by. I did not think much of it, other than he liked the truck. As I exited my truck, the same dude drives by, and in a mean, guttural voice says “BOO Romney.” Of course, I always respond to negative, ignorant remarks. So, I just gave the guy a smile, and a bird. The guy yells back,’ Fuck you too!” And I responded,’ Come here partner, let’s talk about it.” Poor bastard applied pressure to his gas pedal and left the parking lot, and did not even stop for the stop sign.

dumbass ignorant liberal. He is willing to spew crap from his pie hole, but the second he is called on his comment, he runs. What, he thought this good ol’ hillbilly in a Ford truck was going to give him a walk on his remark? If he would have went positive and yelled “Go Obama”, I could have let it go with “Go Mitt.” Even though I would rather be voting for Alan Keyes, or Allen West. If we conservative Christians would have been more active, and vocal, over the last 20 years, we might not be in the mess we now find ourselves. But it is not too late. At the very least, when you hear a liberal ranting, don’t be shy. Call them on what they are saying. More often than not, they will not respond with anything that resembles a rational thought.

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