Crosby Stills Nash Dylan, And Hillbilly

Talk about a whole lot junk piling up in my burn pile. I was driving home tonight from the gym, and I was attempting to tune into my country classics station. Instead, I hit the River;105.5, where everything from the 50’s to 2000’s are played. The singer that is playing is Dylan. No mistaking this guy’s voice, and it was a 60’s tune, because one of the lines had to do with watching out for the “man”. No problem, the Hillbilly likes the song well enough to stick it out and take a listen to the next beat. Well, it is Crosby, Stills, and Nash, featuring Stephen Stills. I like the hippies voice and he plays a mean string box. The song is Dark side, which I have heard maybe once. This is another group of hippies that where all about peace, love, and fighting the man. So I started grinding my gears a bit.

These guys where accusing the federal government, and just about every politician and every conservative white dude of “keeping them down.” For whatever that is worth! So this is where the Hillbilly gets his tractor steaming: The man, and men in power now, who are sticking it the people, are the party of the hippies! Where are the songs about Benghazi? Four Dead in Libya? I guess they don’t want to admit that they Got Fooled Again,and again! They were all for freedom of expression, peace and love. But they don’t raise a guitar pick to defend Christian’s rights.

If BHO looked liked LBJ, there would be gaggle of bald, hippie lettuce smokin’, flip-flop wearin’ folks singing “Give Peace A Chance” all around the country. But hypocrites don’t roll like that I guess.

“Add yDo you get it yet? It’s revenge against you – for existing. It’s revenge for “racism,” for conservatism, for success, for being strong, and proud and accomplished. It’s vengeance against the America that once was.”

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BUNKERVILLE | God, Guns and Guts Comrades!

The question is will the truth of the story of Benghazi and what happened come out or will the media remain focused on the Paula aspect. The Fox news reports this morning that Petraeus has agreed to testify. We can hope this will be an open hearing so that we will know as well. This may prove to be a gift to us.  Now with renewed focus, perhaps we can find out who knew what and when. At least, this should take out Eric Holder, since the claim is that Obama never knew about the investigation of Petraeus. Does anyone really believe that Holder never told him? The clowns continue dance away don’t they? I hope America is happy about the November surprise that should have come in October.

Via Newsbusters:

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: I think the really shocking news today was that General Petraeus thought and hoped he could keep…

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“While he thinks he comes off as an “aw, shucks” kind of guy, he is – like his father before him – an avowed socialist hellbent on “righting the wrong” that is America. Determined to undo 236 years of America’s wealthy and industry becoming successful at the expense of the middle and lower classes. Committed to seeing America rightly receive its long-overdue comeuppance in the world. This is the real Barack Obama”
Don’t forgett his grandpa, and every person he is close to..

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