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Mitt Romney has stepped in it again. In the eyes of those with political agendas and vested interests who are feigning indignation, that is. As was the case with Romney’s now infamous “47%” comments (the context of which, was also correct, by the way), the erstwhile Republican presidential nominee has once again come under fire for comments he believed he was making in confidence. And this time, panicked Republicans have jumped on the opportunistic bandwagon as well.

Speaking to a group of campaign donors, Romney opined that Obama had followed the “old playbook” of using targeted initiatives to woo specific interest groups – “especially the African-American community, the Hispanic community and young people.”

Any reasonably functioning adult in America with even a modicum of interest in politics who doesn’t believe this to be true is either unable to read, watch television or listen to…

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John D. Heaton III Banned From CSEA’s Face Book Page: Conservative Voices Not Allowed

I just got the news yesterday. What words did I use to earn this ban? “F” the CSEA?” No. I responded to a posting telling members to vote for prop 30. I basically stated that ” prop 30 is a tax increase, thus a self-imposed wage decrease. There is a conservative population in the CSEA who do not agree with props and candidates that raise taxes, and that support issues that go against our morals and values. And that our voices are not allowed to be heard in with our union.” Yup, that is what I said, and I was banned from posting comments.

So much for “unity and solidarity”! The reason folks like me are so despised, is that we make valid points based on facts.


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