My Point Of View

These are some pics Roddy Ranch in Antioch CA.


With the Change now with movement Forward and the statement: You didn’t do it someone else did it for you. Such as the Government.

A self grandiose Community activist tells us that the government can solve all of our problems; to further confuse this same activist has in the past blamed the government for all the problems he and his supporters claim it can fix. My Pappy called this having the cake and eating it to.

Yet it is the government and its regulations which have fueled the rise in what we buy with each new law with each new layer of regulators the cost to the consumer goes up. We see our taxes rise with these new rules for government must expand it must hire more regulators to enforce their new laws so we that people are then safe secure and protected by that new government.

So we now…

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The Count Down Begins

No, I ain’t talking about Christmas or retirement. I am talking the upcoming golf season. The coaching gig never gets old. Like I have always said, the game of golf is unique. It does not matter if you’re a scratch player or a 25 handicap, it is all about having fun and passing something on to the next generation of golfers. I always give credit to two guys who got me where I am today: Coach Hollister who took me to a par-3 course when I was in the 8th grade, and my dad who told me to play on my high school team, because “you will get to play for free.” And he bought me my first set of clubs.

Holy crap, 35 years later I am getting paid to do what I would gladly do for free! I am playing some of the nicest courses in the area..for free. And I am passing on the best parts of the game to young fellows who will be sharing the same info long after I check out of this life. This is payment a plenty for me.

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