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This is looking at the 17th green at Dryden Golf Course in Modesto CA.

The Conservative Hill Billy:

Of course he lies. He is nothing more than a front man for Goldman/Sachs and other globalist who are the ones running the country..

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Before I get started, here’s a quick memo to the Washington Post and anyone else who’s ever been surprised to find Barack Obama smack dab in the middle of an arm’s length relationship with the truth: If O’s lips are moving, he’s lying. Got it? Good, let’s continue.

One of the major reasons cited by the Washington Post for it’s 2012 endorsement of Obama was his “balanced approach” to deficit reduction. Now that he’s won the election, WaPo is alarmed to discover that he is pushing for tax increases while offering no substantial budget cuts whatsoever. Alarmed, WaPo? Seriously? Yeah – I was “alarmed” when the sun came up this morning, too.

I don’t mean to be obtuse here, but how much more evidence does anyone need to understand why this guy’s nickname is Liar-in-Chief?

Hell – O was breaking promises during

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