The Tree of Mamre

Whenever in the past this blog did a post talking about how lower taxes spurred economic growth and raised government revenue during the Reagan and Bush administrations, liberal trolls would always add comments claiming that the economic recovery during the Reagan administration was caused by Reagan raising (and not lowering) taxes, and that all of America’s current financial woes are the result of Bush’s two “unfunded” wars and his tax cut.

Both of these assertions have their origin in talking points provided by the Obama administration, dutifully parroted by naive youngsters who know nothing else, and mendacious oldsters who certainly know better.

The first assertion is self-evidently untrue to anyone who lived during the Reagan administration and was evenly remotely paying attention to the news. And anyone who says otherwise is simply lying, and knows it.

The second assertion is also untrue. How do we know this? Because Obama’s own…

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