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Click the Qur’an and burn it!

This will stay at the top until our troops are cleared and the Iranian pastor set free. We would like this stuck to the top of all supporting sites. Copy and paste!

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UPDATED (8:25p EDT): I just spoke again with my contact in the FBI Phoenix field office (who is not authorized to speak on behalf of the FBI office) that it is highly unlikely that Aldosary will be charged with any terrorism offense. While they are internally treating it like a domestic terrorism investigation, including looking at if he had any help constructing the explosive device, the FBI is saying very little and and will prosecute this as a simple explosives and arson case because of ‘the political sensitivities involved’.

Original Post: The typically quiet town of Casa Grande, Arizona was rocked by an explosion at the local Social Security Administration office early Friday morning by what appears to an improvised explosive device (IED). No one was hurt in the explosion, which occurred shortly before the office was scheduled to open. The explosion was reportedly heard and…

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Arab “Spring” Male Sex Mobs On Women: Sponsored In Part By Barack Hussien Obama

I hear a lot of outrage from folks like my dear friend Uppity Woman at here site, but nothing more than crickets almost every else. This is one area that us hardcore Christian conservatives and “feminists” should come together on. Women should not be subjected to this crap anywhere…..period. It is this Hillbilly’s opinion that dudes that women as chattel, ain’t real men; they are nothing more than degenerate pieces of crap. No offense to Crap!

God made us all; men and women. We are different, but equal. If I own a business, I am hiring the most qualified person who can do the job, and make me money…..regardless of their plumbing. Same goes for politicians. And just because a woman does not hold my political views, it does not make here stupid, or a bitch. I would never vote for Hillary Clinton, but I respect the heck out of her for making a career for herself.
By Charlene Gubash, NBC News
Updated at 7:48 a.m. ET: CAIRO – Walaa Al Momtaz doesn’t leave her home for up to five days at a time. The neatly veiled 22-year-old misses her friends at City University, where she studies English and German, but what she faces upon leaving her house defeats her.

Men and boys constantly harass and threaten Al Momtaz on the bus, on the street and at the university.

“Every day men talk to me in a bad way, laugh at me and say things about what I am wearing,” she told NBC News. On a recent bus trip, a man stuck his hand through a gap in the seat to touch her.

Al Momtaz has gotten off relatively lightly.

On Nov 25, Al-Ahram state newspaper reported three women were sexually assaulted during anti-Morsi demonstrations by hundreds of men.

Amish Elevator

A fifteen year old Amish boy and his father were in a mall. They were amazed by almost everything they saw, but especially by two shiny, silver walls that could move apart and then slide back together again.

The boy asked, ‘What is this Father?’
The father (never having seen an elevator) responded, ‘Son, I have never seen anything like this in my life, I don’t know what it is.’

While the boy and his father were watching with amazement, a fat old lady in a wheel chair moved up to the moving walls and pressed a button. The walls opened, and the lady rolled between them into a small room. The walls closed and the boy and his father watched the small numbers above the walls light up sequentially.

They continued to watch until it reached the last number… and then the numbers began to light in the reverse order.
Finally the walls opened up again and a gorgeous 24-year-old blond stepped out.

The father, not taking his eyes off the young woman, said quietly to his son…..

‘Go get your Mother’


Every woman is a feminist. Some are strong enough to show and some are stronger enough to hide, but yes, every women – deep inside is a feminist. If she resists the atrocities then you’ll be afraid of her and that is why she doesn’t. She takes them all because she can.

Now suddenly am wondering, wassup with me? Why am I talking about “atrocities” and “injustice”? Is it that how we stereotype the women of our country? Here is a post inspired from the wonderful pile up of the most amazing women 2012 has seen that has been listed in the September (Vidya Balan) edition of Femina making it one of my favourite cover stories ever!

There are many women who prove to be great examples everyday! So many women who have fought to make it to the Rags to riches stories, so many women who have proved that…

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