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For four days, an emboldened Khaled Meshaal has sprouted fiery rhetoric to hundreds of thousands of hero-worshipping Gazans.

The Hamas leader, often with Hamas prime minister Ismail Haniyeh by his side, has repeatedly called for the destruction of Israel and pledged never to accept a two-state solution. He also urged Hamas and the Palestinian Authority (PA) to heal their rift and work together — a reconciliation that would almost certainly doom any peace process, say commentators.

On Monday, Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, accused the international community of a “deafening silence” in response to Mr. Meshaal. He also directed his anger at Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas for not speaking out.

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“The leader of Hamas, sitting next to the Hamas leader of Gaza, a man who praised Osama bin Laden, this weekend openly called for the destruction of Israel. Where was the outrage? Where were the UN resolutions?…

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  1. Carl D'Agostino
    Dec 14, 2012 @ 05:06:38

    I subscribe to several pro Islamic, pro Syria, pro Iran and pro Palestine blogs. It is a courtesy as they support my non political cartoon blog. I also become aware of the other side’s point of view to which we in America rarely see. None of them preach violence but see Israel as the evil Nazi Zionist nation. The aggressor. The Occupier. They often post pictures of blown out buildings, wounded women and children and pics of some police brutality. I remind them that Israel is hit by an average of 75 rockets a day. I don’t foresee any solution but I think a step in the right direction would be to integrate neighborhoods so when attack made everyone gets hit and should reduce attacks. Here in Miami , I know people from India and Pakistan that tell me they intermarry and live in harmony over there and that the hatreds are war posturing are manufactured by their governments.


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