Connecticut Shooting, Hillary Faints, Benghazi Hearings Buried?

There is no doubt that what happened in Connecticut was pure evil. The news stations where all over it. Every federal law enforcement agency showed up: FBI,ATF, DHS, and they were in full battle-field gear. Really? In a small town in Connecticut the feds were able to assemble a response team that would have saved Mr. Stevens and the other brave Americans in Benghazi. Mr. Obama was on the mike not long after all of the innocent lives were snuffed out by one guy at an elementary school.
But the so-called most powerful man in the free world, who controls the most powerful and efficient armed forces the world has ever known, could do nothing in Benghazi? There should be no doubt that the buck stops with Obama, and he allowed the Benghazi attack to happen.

Then we see that Miss Hillary bumped her bucket and can not spill the beans on Barry. This administration is either the luckiest ever, or they have made a pack with the Satan. You think we will see much written, or spoken about this at an in-depth level? No way. But watch how the media will probe the shooting to the depths rarely seen in reporting any more. Guns, and Autism will be shredded by the most unqualified of liberal voices. And once again, we will be told that all guns need to be banned, just because a few crazed folks go on a rampage. But you don’t hear much about the daily violence committed by gang members of color that kill far more than any of these recent public shooting sprees. That’s right, they ain’t white so it is racist to discuss such things.

One a couple of thoughts: Why don’t we hear much about the mind altering drugs that are given to children with mental issues like ADHD? Many people are quick to want to ban fire-arms, but not the legal drugs.Big Pharma spends a ton of lettuce with the networks, and on politicians. Oh, and what about 53 million plus abortions that have been since 1973?

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  1. J.G.Lord
    Dec 16, 2012 @ 09:39:43

    Treading on the rights ofthe totally wrong Reverend Jackass and sharp as a quack Buba Sharlaton is not a nice thang for people of no color do. For its always the white racist suppressive crackers who enslave and deprive men and women of color.Really? From earlry 1970 on ward pick up a Chicago L.A. Huston New Yorkie Harlem paper.Even made a movie almost glorifying one early drug lord..Point is people of color in gangs have fought for control of the drug trade draining their comunities destroying family units as they gun doown the finest they have. But do the liberators of the left address and admit this no. they blame a vast right wing republican conspiracy. With uzies and glocks baggie pants to hide their prize they attacked or drove by murdering more in many months and years than the events we see now yet the sad thing is there was no national out rage not even from the liberals, no even the liberals did not care until in came to their home then they become enraged.


  2. List of X
    Dec 16, 2012 @ 14:46:34

    You know there is a difference between getting a SWAT team into our own territory (probably from a nearby base) to deal with one shooter, and dropping a team into a foreign not exactly friendly country to deal with unknown number of terrorists, likely armed with much heavy stuff, and possibly mixed in with a larger number with unarmed demonstrators? That could have been a much bigger disaster. But that not even that important, since SWAT did not even arrive fast enough to deal with one guy in CT and save these children.


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