Tis Always The Season To Have A Reason

I know it is the Christmas season, so I should lighten up a bit on my topics of discussion, but after a conversation the other day with a buddy, it is apparent that almost all politicians need “Reasons” for everything. Every major political issue has a “Reason” behind it. The less than human shooter in CT had . Thus, the government must dooooo something to prevent the next event. Just think forced medical care and incarceration. Hi momma had a cache of weapons, that were purchased legally. Thus, more government control of fire-arms and ammo. Yes, ammo. Some dumb-ass here in Cali wants people who purchase ammo to go through a background check, and have a permit.

Affirmative Action is an easy one, but one that would piss me off to no end if I were a minority….Oh wait, it affects the white majority as well, so I am pissed off! People get preferred treatment for jobs and college due to the simple fact of the color of their skin, and not because they busted their rear, worked hard, and earned something the old fashion way.

OK, a couple of random thoughts before I semi-shut’er down for a few days seeing that I am on a three-week Christmas vacation run. Why is the liberal movie moguls willing to hold the openings of their violent movies because of what happened in CT? Are the admitting the movies may in some way be responsible? Of course not, it is all about free publicity. Just ask the now out of the closet racist Jaimie Foxx. Why is there no investigations into the issue that many of America’s youth are being medicated with powerful, mind altering drugs? People freak when a kid gets nailed smoking some skunk weed, but readily applaud for jamming legal pills down a kid’s gullet that mellows them out.

Lastly, where the heck has all the good beer commercials gone? Most of them now are filled with metro-sexuals from every race that would never walk into a bar with a jukebox, and have never mowed their lawn…probably don’t even own a lawnmower. Though they probably have some lesbian friends! Give me the old Miller Lite commercials with Bubba Smith, John Madden, and Billy Martin. Bud has had some great ones over the years too. Maybe this Hillbilly is just asking too much….At least I don’t need a reason to power down some brews.


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