Yesterday we talked about the clear justification the Founders give us for resisting tyranny. That article is here. That’s all well and good but, a lot of justified people have died all over the world trying to sustain their right, many of them in vain. I’m willing to discuss these questions within reason, but communications security rules also have some place in this discussion.

There are a lot of questions. Last night Maggie from Maggie’s Notebook  posted this comment:

NEO, you mentioned the danger of how quickly this is happening. For some time I’ve thought about what the flash point will be. Will it be when a bill is passed? Will it be when you are forced to go to your individual or your city’s police department to register your gun, or hand over in the beginning, only certain types of guns – and will violence break out…

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2013: The Year Of “IFTYS”

Geez, my Christmas break was out of control…kinda like my bladder after the 15th beer:) I spent a lot of time with a very close family member at the hospital. The vast majority of the nurses are nothing less than gifts from God. I can’t imagine how they do what they do, day in and day out, with out blowing a gasket. I am also amazed at how disrespectful many visitors can be towards the staff. I also noticed that, at least in this hospital, a ton of patients and their families don’t speak English. If I were living in a country, I would darn sure learn the primary language that doctors,nurses, and bankers speak. Just common sense.

And has any one noticed that your paychecks are a bit smaller this year? Between the FICA increase and the cost of medical insurance rising, thanks to D.C.’s socialist, working Americans are taking it in the poop shoot. This is why I am calling 2013 “IFTYS.” OK, it stands for “I F.cking Told You So.” Sad thing is, too many folks don’t care. They are perfectly happy being told what to do by the feds. I had a chat with a 55 plus white dude in the pharmacy line, and he was saying how great “Bamm-Care” is. I asked him why he believes this, and he responded that now “everyone will have healthcare”. I asked him if it is constitutional for the federal government to mandate people to have a service such as health care insurance? Nope, he had no answer except for ” I never thought of it like that?” Then he stated “It also keeps the CEO’s of the insurance companies from making too much money.” I wanted to call this guy an idiot, but he seemed nice. So I asked him where in the Constitution does it state that the government can dictate what a private citizen can earn from a private company? Again, he had no answer. I said that if the feds were not involved in the health insurance business, insurance would be much cheaper and more available to everyone. Again, I realized I was talking to a brick wall.

So here are a few predictions for 2013: I will piss off at least 100 people with my views and un-filtered comments. I will not care that I pissed off at least 150 folks. We will continued to be told how the millionaires and billionaires need to be taxed more, and never hear a word about how all the congress and senate folks are thus evil! Barry will never admit he has done anything wrong. The ghost of Ronald Reagan will kick Barry in the nads. More T.V. shows, and movies, will be made that show how white guys are stupid clods, and black/minorities are superior. I will be visited by the F.B.I. After posting my “Kick in the nads” comment above:) Thing is, his nads are held in a shoe box in Michey’s closet, and guarded by his mammy in law.

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