The Bond movies are simply “comfortable” fun. They poke fun at Americans, but in a nice way. Like when you tease a close relative about a zit on their nose. We always know Bond will not die. Everything mechanical he touches will, but not Bond. He is a very nice “Bad” boy, who mans up when it comes to helping his allies. He does not always follow his orders, but he gets his job done. Many people identify with this! Lastly, dude never seems to need sleep or use the crapper, Instead, he gambles, drinks, and has sex. I guess Bond is the ultimate grown-ups’ cartoon.

Assault Beer, Assault Soda, Assault Prescription…

Assault Beer, Assault Soda, Assault Prescription….

” I have already heard the shock about the decrease in pay from a few of my fellow union members. I just smiled and said;” I “F”ing Told You So!” These are the same people who vote how the union tells them to. No questions asked! And don’t even mention to them the cost increase of their health insurance. Once again, ” I “F”ing told you so!

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