My Post-Union Election Update

I attended the first union meeting tonight since losing the election in December. As some of you already know, I lost by 13 votes. Too close for a few in my chapter apparently. Come to find out, the current officers decided to add a prerequisite for the president’s seat only. In order to run, a person must attend, and complete the Job Steward’s training. Yup, never mind the four-year degrees in English and Business. Just complete 16 hours of semi-brain washing from the punch drinkers in the C.S.E.A. that can’t tolerate a conservative’s views or ideas. Needles to say, that if more people like me were running the union for the past 25 years, we would not be in the mess we now find ourselves.

I can’t wait to inform every chapter member possible tomorrow about this “Event”. I figure it will open the eyes of those who chose not to vote in this past election. I also heard several times how some who did not vote for me, would have voted for me if I had taken the classes. Funny thing is, I completed the first level of training several years ago, but the Union decided to change the length of the courses, so I have to re-take the first stage again! So it looks like a win-win for me. Whether I take the courses or not, I will win.

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Note this tweet please – From House of Representatives @DanaRohrabacherEd Royce as Ch Foreign Affairs Cmte will have subpoena authority He was just sworn in a couple days ago.

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You may or may not agree with my thoughts here and that is fine. My intent is to images (7)propose a theory in that more than any other reason it is the removal of God in our society that has lead us to where we are today.

I want to look at a few different aspects of our society in the following paragraphs. As you know, any armed society will have shootings. It is a simple fact. Although if you look at other countries like Canada, shootings are extremely rare, they do not attack one another. The Swiss, millions of them, are armed to the teeth. Their weapon of choice is fully automatic weapons and in the homes. The same goes for quite a few other European countries.

So, why is it that we here in America seem to have an issue? Well, let us look back in our recent history…

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