Super Bowl But Stupid NFL

I refused to watch the game yesterday for one simple reason: The NFL’s love fest with Ray Lewis. How can the NFL make this guy their product’s face? “No Say” Ray to refuses to say what happened in the limo, which he was riding in the night two men were stabbed to death. Big Ray manned up and said nothing, was charged and convicted of obstruction. Nobody has ever been convicted of the double homicide that Ray had a bird’s-eye view of. Now there is a charge he used a banned substance during his recent re-hab. All Ray has to say when questioned is that nobody has the authority to question him! For a guy who is so fearless on the field, he is yellow in real life.

There is no doubt that Ray can play the game very well. He has made a lot of money for playing a kid’s game. He will entire, and no doubt show on t.v. shows and commercials. He will profess his love for his Lord, which is fine. But if he truly wants to walk the walk, he will come clean. If not, maybe the NFL and not put him in the Hall Of Fame? Yeah right.

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