Who Made A Liberal?

Clean Comedy…….Where Has It Gone?

No F bombs or filthy language. Just truly talented, funny men and women.

BillWilly And B.W…..And Little Sis TulaJune

Tink 006Tink 010

Meet Billy Willy and his brother B.W.( Tile floor pic) Yes, B.W. stands for Black Willy! They just got their slats sliced. The second picture is BillWilly, B.W., and their little sis TulaJune. They were trying to slow down my re-making of the bed!

Meet Tink The Tool Shed Cat

My boy Tink

My boy Tink

Tink’s mom was dumped in our yard with buns in the oven. She gave birth under my brother’s tool shed next door. Out of three babies, two survived. Tink and Tipsy. I had to use a three-foot pry-bar to drag them out when they were just hours old. We put them in a box for a few hours on the front porch till mom; Matsy, arrived to care for the kids. To the piece of crap that dumped them off I say thanks! Tink, along with mom and sis fit right into the Hillbilly furry family.

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