Little Red And The Cycle Of Farm Life

This is one of my favorite yarns, and it is 100% true. When I was a kid, my dad had multiple cows in the pasture. So he purchased a bull, so we could produce our own beef. This bull turned out to be a beast. About 1,800 pounds of white-faced bovine. Of course, we called him Big Red and it did not take long for him to perform his duties. The heifer he dropped anchor in, was a bit small, so when it came time for the calf to drop, she needed help. Of course, my dad had me fish him out. I was no more than 11 or 12 at the time, so, I sank up to my neck when I reached in. I felt, and found his head, and leaned back and yanked him out. Little feller looked just like his dad, only smaller. Momma cow would have nothing to do with Little Red, since he smelled like a Hillbilly. So I bottle fed him from day one. I would spend days during his first summer playing in the field; chasing him and scratching his ears. Over the next 10 months, Little Red grew to be less than half the size as his dad. In other words, thanks to the role of the genetic dice, he was on the fast track for the freezer.

I came home one fall day from school, and was handed a big bowl and told to head out back, I heard the sound of the butcher’s truck, or I should say the sound of the water boiling in its trailer. As soon as I arrived, I saw the butcher pop and drop Little Red, and I was there with the bowl to collect the brains and innards. Some folks asked if I cried, and the answer is no. I knew the rules of farm life, and Little Red’s role was to fill the freezer and my boiler. As for his dad, a beef rancher from Red Bluff spotted him and offered my dad $2,000 for him. He needed him to service his herd. Something tells me Big Red Died a bit differently than his son.

Riding A New Tractor

I wish I still lived in the country and had the 49 John Deere Tractor. But this is not what I am writing about. I am taking another break from commenting on politics, and the vast amounts of dumbasses that are our elected officials. I can only piss on the same post for a finite amount of time till it puddles up, and needs time to dry. I did this awhile back, when I went on my Foodie and Prepper’s binge. I made a lot of new blog friends during that stretch of time. So I think this next hiatus from politics will be centered around animals and humor….and beer of course!

Animals is an easy topic for me. I grew up as a Hillbilly Doolittle. If it had legs, I had it for a pet, or friend as some would say. I am sure I have told the story of one of my dogs named Albert. He was a Lab mix, and weighed in around 110 lbs. Much larger than the then 12-year-old Hillbilly. I would get home from school and take the two cans of diet Pepsi, and the multiple Blo-Pops and head out to the field to set under the Black Walnut tree and share both with my furry pal. I had to be quick, because after I took a couple of licks on the sucker, Albert knew it was his turn, and would try to eat the whole thing. Sometimes I would have to rinse his tongue with Pepsi due to the dirt stuck to it because he was trying to eat the Black Walnuts. This dog followed me every where. One Saturday morning I went outside and he was not there. Sadly, this meant he wondered to far from home and probably met the business end of a car. I found him a half a mile away on the side of the road, smashed up pretty good. I am sure he never felt a thing. I had to take him home in a wheel-barrow. It took me about half an hour to load him up for his final ride. As I was crossing the two lane highway, the wheel-barrow shifted and Albert fell out. Great, nothing like getting him ran-over for a second time, and me for the first. I was pretty sharp, still am, so I grabbed him by the tail and druggem’ to the side of the road. And re-loaded him up again.

What You Are Not Hearing From The Media About The L.A. Killer: LAPD Fired Dorner…And He Was Black

With P.C. and Affirmative Action forcing law enforcement agencies to hire, and usually not fire minorities, the LAPD gave Chris Dorner the boot. If the is guy was white, and thought to be Christian, race would be a huge issue. Not here though. The same policies that helped get him hired, are not being mentioned anywhere. Did this guy slide by the psychological testing because of Affirmative Action? Fair question if you ask me.

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