Thanks Be To God: Billy Willy And B.W. Pulling Through!

Dr. Rob just informed us that my boys were able to eat a little bit of chicken today. If they can keep it in their boiler, and not puke it out, they can come home tomorrow! Phew! Looks like they just might get to go fishing and drinking ber with their dad this summer.

Again I have to thank Dr. Santos for being such a great friend and doctor, because the friend allows me to make monthly payments for services I could not otherwise afford, and to the doctor whose skills are second to none!

Tink 006

Bill Willy and B.W. are the two that are asleep, Tula is their sister in the middle.

Michey is the official Hypocrisy Hippo!

Two Sick Dogs Not Out Of The Woods: But Seeing A Clearing

Got a call from Dr. Rob Santos, my friend and vet, and the good news is that B.W. Aand Bill Will have stopped puking and are resting comfortably. Still no guarantees, but it is starting to sound better. I am sure there are plenty of vets across the country that love what they do, and make an impact on people’s lives, knowing how much they care for their pets. Dr. Rob Santos has to be in the top five, and IS number one in my book, and no, my book is not a coloring book of beers!

I have known the guy since high school. His office is in Turlock CA and is named Monte Vista Small Animal HospitaL. He has a Face Book page and is hugely popular with his clients. I have taken many a furry family member him over the years. I have no doubt that if, and WHEN, my two boys come home, it will be because of Dr. Rob and his imense talents that surely are God given.

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