Thin Lizzy

The Boys Are Back

I walked through the door last night after my team’s golf match, and I saw a little slice of heaven, more like a little guy named Bill-Willy who is on the mend. Poor mutt, down a few pounds off of his bulging 9 pound frame. Front legs shaved like a poodle where the I.V.’s had been. But he looked perfect in my Hillbilly eyes. I can tell the mean ol’ virus is gone, and my boy is back, though he is still weak and very sore. His tail wags, a bit slow, but it wags. He, like his bro and sis are lickers, and he was handing out some lovin! He also indulged in a few bites of his favorite dog food: OL’Roy. Though he had his choice of roasted chicken and steamed rice. Sounds like his dad: Don’t feed me crap that I have to wear a tie, and choose the correct fork to use. Give me a slab of bovine, some peanuts, and a cooler full of beer-luv!

Looks as though I can finally relax a bit now. I feel the old Hillbilly words of wisdom, or B.S., depending how you look at em’, returning.So good in fact, I am like a three balled dog with a honey coated tongue!

Thanks to everyone who dropped a word to the Big Guy upstairs, or thought happy thoughts for my boys. The Hillbilly loves ya’ and will drink a beer to each, and every one of ya, probably all in the same sitting:)

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